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Pool table parts – If you are moving to a new home or you have set a new games room, and moving the table requires insurance to make sure you arrive in one piece and careful handling. Some people have professional movers move their billiards or pool, but you can safely move yourself with the help of some friends. In this article, you’ll learn how to move your table without damaging or deforming the table or back.

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Pool table parts, remove staples on the edges of the pockets, if the table has. Remove pockets and mark them so you know what went where. Loosen the rails with the screwdriver or drill, if necessary. Most rails have three screws in them. Check the rails so that they know what where. Slide the rails of the frame.

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Pool table parts, you will need to have the table refelted after the move is completed, but removing felt allows better and more secure purchase on the board when you move. If the felt is stapled, the staples removed using a staple remover. If it sticks, I slowly peel it off the slate. Remove the screws holding the board in connection with the drill. If the screws are covered with wax, as some are, scrape away the wax with the screwdriver first. Work carefully so that the screws are no burrs or damage the board.