Playing Mini Air Hockey Table In Our Home

Mini air hockey table is a fun game for two players. It has simple rules, which are based on the players’ speed. The air cushion technology ensures that the disc remains at high speed without jumping from the plane. This fast-paced game develops in the ability to concentrate gamers, alertness, and coordination of movement.

Posted on November 27, 2022 Hockey Table

Mini air hockey table is a pleasing product; it does not take up much space in a child’s room or in a tavern. Thanks to the mini format is space-saving and can be easily stored after use. It is ideal for home, office, bar or brewery. Now you can play mini air hockey table, which is one of the games, faster and more fun, even at home. This set guarantees fun. It consists of a table, double-scorer, support recovers hard on both, two for game racquets, two discs, two doors and a stadium, eight screws. This set mini air hockey table is perfect for use at home. The compact units can be placed and easily stored. Recreated at home the same atmosphere of the arcades. So you can choose mini air hockey table for playing game in your home while make a joke with family.

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Mini Air Hockey TableSize: 1024 x 622

Mini Air Hockey TablesSize: 985 x 706