Platform Bed With Storage

Platform bed with storage – Originally, platform beds are beds that were built above the ground to allow more room below. Today days, though, the beds approached the ground, almost at the same height as conventional beds and are built to withstand only one mattress. As Platform beds can vary greatly in terms of material used, these can be made from wood or metal.

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There are many types of platform beds, contemporary platform beds as traditional and transitional, Japanese or Asian influence, and platform bed with storage. Camas is, as the name says, beds that can be used for storage, also. These platform beds have cabinets or drawers under the frame as storage.

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The platform bed with storage can sometimes be referred to as bed for a mate or captain. The basic meaning of this terminology refers to the fact that most ships or boats do not have much room for a bed and a separate storage location. The combination of both bed and storage facilitates sleep or live in close quarters.  Storage beds come in basic size bed frames including dual or single, double or full, queen and king. The amount of storage capacity is mainly determined by the frame size.