Platform Bed Frame Queen

Platform bed frame – Creating a Platform bed frame is a method of manufacturing a clothing support high bed without a bed frame or headboard. By ensuring wheels at the bottom of the platform bed mobility is added, allowing you to move easily when the need arises repositioning.

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You can save money on bedding material with a platform bed as the platform bed frame provides enough to end a spring bed support – a platform bed mattress just needs to provide a comfortable sleeping surface. The weight of the mattress is held in place.

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Platform Bed Frame FullSize: 1179 x 759

Platform Bed FrameSize: 1080 x 574

Measure the length and width of the mattress to determine the size of the platform need for the bed support. Add 3 inches to the length measurement. Cut two 2 by 4 boards inches to fit the adjusted length, using a table saw. Cut an additional two tables to match the width measurement of the bed.

Create a framework for your platform bed frame, using planks cut. Place both tables in width between the two tables of length to form a rectangle with corners at an angle of 90 degrees. Key part joint together us nails 10d, placing two nails through the length of each piece in the end parts of width in each corner. Alternate the placement of nails slightly to avoid splitting the boards.