Plans To Make Toilet Paper Holder

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Magic Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet paper holder Р Bathroom are excellent to cover or replace a box of tissues. When you buy fabrics, you only have a couple of options for color and design of the box, and it often does not match the decor of your existing bathroom. You can solve this problem by building your own toilet paper holder and change it every time he alters Bathroom theme.

Toilet paper holder quilted fabric are beautiful in almost any bathroom because you can select a fabric to match perfectly with the tone of existing bathroom. The advantage of this project is that you can easily add details like lace or simply sewing ties to the holder. When a fabric is selected, consider the consistency and texture of the material, as it will rest on the tissue box; fabrics that are too thin do not offer a lot of forms and sometimes you can see through them.

You have a couple of options for the method in which the toilet paper holder cover padded box. The first option is to make a cover that protects the top and sides, but leaves the bottom open. This bracket slides over the box of tissues and has a hole at the top for you to pull the fabric through.

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