Outdoor Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Sets

Low voltage landscape lighting sets has become common in outdoor residential landscape. They allow walkways and driveways to be well lit for safety while using minimal amounts of electricity. These landscape lights are easy to install because of the low amount of electricity in the wires. Low voltage lighting sets come in many different styles to suit the external patterns of housing.

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Low voltage landscape lighting sets require a transformer to step down the power from the 120-volt household current to the light system lower 12-volt power. The transformer is connected to a common external outlet. Transformers are generally given to manage from 100 to 300 watts. Higher rating transformers can handle long strings of light, while the lower ranked transformers supply power to shorter lengths. Some low-voltage lights are fixtures that snap into the system. Other types require wiring in the system for operation. Some systems are available with a solar eye as the lights as daylight fades. Low voltage lighting devices using one-third the energy that standard bulbs, so you can use them liberally around your property to provide better visibility and safety for many areas of your property.

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Low voltage landscape lighting sets come in a variety of styles to suit your outdoor landscape design. Pagoda style lamps offer a tranquil appearance for scenery, while hooded styles give a more modern design. Lantern-shaped provide a traditional look for paths and walkways. Fixtures are offered in a variety of colors and metallic finishes.