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Landscape ideas for backyard – Play in the shape of the backyard by placing several triangular seed boxes inside it. The plantation boxes are perfect for vegetable and herb gardens. Place three to five seed boxes in space, and leave corridors between them. Increasing seed boxes at different heights will make the backyard look bigger than it is. Instead of a sowing box, and if you have enough space, consider the possibility of a triangular pond fountain with coy fish and plants Plastic pond liners, available at most landscaping and pond supply stores, simplify the pond construction process.

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Filling the entire landscape ideas for backyard with vegetation is an option if you have only a small sliver to work with. Use of perennials will minimize your garden maintenance work and allow space to fill itself with the years. Lay tall shrubs flowering and perhaps decorative pastures near the far end of the backyard of the house. In the central space, plant shorter shrubs and flowering plants.

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In the part closest to the house, small varieties of flowering plants and decks Land. A plant with showy flowers or shrub on the two corners closest to the house will accentuate those corners and make the backyard look livelier. Trees occupy a valuable space growing in small landscape ideas for backyard, but if you decide Use them, Fill the empty spaces below them with garden statues.