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Reclining desk chair – The reclining chair is considered one of the most comfortable chairs because it is designed to fit to the body and its movement is made with heavy padding and reclines. Headrests support the neck and head, leg rests or foot stool legs and a locking mechanism lower back.

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Deck chairs vary in their number of reclining positions, from a little back to the flat. Recliners can have two, three or an infinite number of positions. Two chairs have an upright seat and with a 45-degree angle. Three-position chairs added opportunity lies flat. Infinite-position chairs, in addition to a variable number of laid-back stages, the foot rests, which may be raised or lowered independently from the reclining desk chair.

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Some Recliners are lift recliners, able to raise a person and push him forward so he can just move forward from it. These are especially good for arthritis, disabled or elderly people. As with many reclining desk chair, makes it extra padding sitting or lying comfortably for long hours. Lift Recliners are available in two, three and an infinite number of positions. Swivel recliners rotate and sold with a separate stool. Massage chairs provide the sitter with a massage to relieve stress and promote fitness. Other chairs have the capacity to provide heat therapy.