New Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

Adjustable standing desk converter – The desktop stand is the new status symbol in Silicon Valley. It also extends its use among those who work several hours sitting and intend to combat the worst physiological and psychic effects of sedentary. This rise from the marginality of certain uses and contexts, such as educational or research centers, to the best equipped corporate and domestic offices, is supported by the accumulated evidence on the risks of sitting in excess.

Posted on September 21, 2022 Standing Desk

This new adjustable standing desk converter should be used to work standing or sitting, whether in front of a computer or plans, crafts or technical materials; Depending on the moment and activity. There, according to several studies, a correlation between staying half the day sitting and conditions related to physical inactivity and unhealthy habits: overweight, obesity, cardiovascular risk, diabetes, hypertension, stress, depression and even a dozen types of cancer.

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Adjustable standing desk converter is the option that different personalities have found throughout history to combat the fatigue and doldrums associated with sitting several hours while our mind tries to process information as quickly as possible. Among the advantages of standing, also ratified by studies, stand out the higher energy levels and more calories burned.