Mulch Landscaping Ideas In The Garden

Mulch landscaping ideas for garden and kitchen waste is a way to provide soil-like compost for landscape without going to a lot of expenses. If you have no rush for a compost delivery, try cold composting. Create a compost pile in a corner of the yard by adding leaves, grass clippings, coffee grounds and fruit or vegetable residues. This process can take a year to produce the desired results. Too hot composting, start with a heap measuring 4 or 5 meters square, with woody material on the ground to better aerate the pile. Alternate layers of high carbon and high nitrogen materials to create the heat necessary to decompose the waste. Keep moist, turn at least every other day, and has useful mulch landscaping ideas within four weeks.

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Think desired effect before purchasing compost. Shredded bark and straw are good choices as easily applied and decompose quickly. Pine straw mulch is popular in southeast; harvested from pine forests, this works well mulch around trees and bushes look good and effectively discourage weed growth. Use pine nuggets in areas not susceptible to flooding nuggets wash off easily. Spread mulch 2-4 inches thick throughout the province, leaving two or three inches from the stem of the plant and the beginning of mulch landscaping ideas.