Muddy Summit Lawn And Landscape

Summit lawn and landscape – A muddy lawn is often the result of clay in the soil. Clay prevents water drainage, creating pools of standing water. If it takes more than four hours for your soil to drain after a 15-minute rain. Then you probably have a significant amount of clay in your soil, and it should be changed. The second common cause of poor drainage is a serious soil compaction. This is usually found in areas where heavy machinery has recently been active. New construction often fall victim to this kind of drainage problem.

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To do muddy summit lawn and landscape please use aeration tool to pull the plug from the yard. This will remove soil and improve drainage in the muddy lawn field. Although this may be the only thing you need to do this if you have a significant amount of clay in the soil is only the first step in the fix process. Spread peat moss or manure over the muddy area and rot till. By mixing these earth changes, drainage is improved promptly.

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The peat moss and manure contains both larger air pockets than clay, so they drain water faster. Dig a French drain system in the muddy summit lawn and landscape. Dig a trench about 2 inches wide and the length of poorly draining area. Fill the bottom 4 inches of pea gravel and cap it with flat stones. Fill the trench again; this creates an artificial drainage in the field. Plant water-loving pants in the area if there is no way to change the ground. This can happen in places where the area is located close to the water table.