Modern Kitchen Backsplash

No playground a modern kitchen backsplash should occupy besides being large enough to contain splashes of cooking. Backsplashes range from those who just large enough to extend slightly beyond the stove or sink into a kind of dashboard that keeps running around the kitchen. An extended rear wall type can add an aspect of cohesion to a small kitchen.

Posted on November 9, 2022 Kitchen Backsplash

To a large modern kitchen backsplash, one backsplash can make a dramatic focal point. Having a focal point as an interesting pattern or color mixing can draw the eye to a particular feature of the kitchen as a glass sink or stove stainless steel.

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Backsplashes should coordinate with the style of cuisine to be found. For example, a bright ceramic tile backsplash is perfect for a modern kitchen backsplash, but is likely to seem out of place in the kitchen decorated in a more rustic style old-fashioned. Hand painted and unglazed tiles can add quaint charm to a backsplash while materials like stainless steel and stone tend to create a totally different mood.