Mid Century Modern Couch Ideas

Mid-century modern refers to the fact that the style of a piece of furniture is as important as function. The main feature of this style of furniture is simplicity: simple lines, simple functions and simple geometric shapes. Mid century modern couch have equal arms and backs straight with very little ornamentation.

Posted on November 20, 2022 Home Furniture

The first mid century modern couch which dating from the century 19, Chesterfield couches are characterized by ornamental and plush breasted. The arms shifted from the Chesterfield couches are as high as the backs. The cushions are usually in tight and the couch is covered with velvet or leather. Decorative buttons are used to emphasize tufting and tailoring.

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As its name suggests, the Chippendale couch was created by designer Thomas Chippendale in the century 18. Chippendale couch is characterized by curved back that looks like camel’s hump. The seat cushion is made from one continuous piece. Chippendale couch covered in leather or different kinds of tissue.

A fainting couch is characterized by the fact that its back is up at one end. This couch style dates from Century  19  which are one of mid century modern couch and was usually used by women to lie when he fainted while climbing the stairs of the house.