Measuring Carpet Stairs Treads

Carpet stairs treads – The exact measurements are key for the installation of carpets. If you decide to carry out a project to install carpet, the first step is to measure the space. When you are tackling stairs carpets, stair should be measured accurately to make sure you buy enough carpet. After correctly measure carpets for stairs and buying the right materials, you can continue with the great work: the installation of the carpet.

Posted on November 22, 2022 Designs

Count the number of steps on the stairs and add a step for further coverage. Note the number. Measure the width of the carpet stairs treads on the left to the right edge with a tape measure and record. Measure the length of one step. Measuring the length of a step is the depth of the treadand the height of the riser.

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Multiply the number of steps along the length of each step to find the total length, if you install a carpet runner. Subtract measurement edge selection in a step width of the corridor. By buying or cut carpet stairs treads is the desired width of the corridor, you can now complete one that will spread throughout the ladder. Multiplying the width by the length and the number of steps to calculate the total area of ​​coating required to cover the entire ladder.