Marble VS Granite Tile Kitchen

The decision of the classic sophistication of marble tiles off the modern look and practicality granite tile kitchen is an expensive option when many remodeling or designing a new kitchen. Both are natural stones available in a variety of shades and colors, and both bear heat well, but the similarities end there. Marble is a relatively soft, porous stone. It is easy to show cuts, scrapes and chips if something heavy falls on it, or knife slips. It can be destroyed by acids (such as lemon juice or orange) and can be stained by liquids and foods rich in color, such as ketchup, wine and coffee. The marble is extracted more frequently in Europe and South America and should be sent to the United States.

Posted on October 16, 2022 Kitchen Ideas

Both marble and granite tile kitchen are sealed during installation. Marble should be saved annually, since any court or acid reaction for the sealant to allow liquid and air oxidized to seep under the sealant and discolor the marble. Granite tile kitchen can often be many years before resealing is required. Stone surfaces using both the grout between the tiles. Gaskets required also preventing discoloration stains it. It can be easily and economically patched or completely replaced if damaged.

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