Making Glass Lamp Shades With Cord

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Glass Lamp Shades Sale

The glass lamp shades with cord are becoming common in the showrooms of the designs of lamps, television programs and magazines design. The problem with these lamps is that they are usually quite expensive. The bottom of the lower glass pendant hangs on the screen, creating a dual effect lamp and chandelier. You can make your own version of this type of lampshade using commonly available materials in a fraction of the cost displayed on design rooms.

Put a glass lamp shades on your desk. The top of the most frameworks are called spider frames, because they have a core ring surrounded by legs that connect with an outer ring and looks like a spider. If your lower ring has a diameter of 15 inches (37.5 cm), the second ring can be 12 (30 cm) and the third should be 9 (22.5 cm).

Put the glass lamp shades in two smaller rings so that they are focused and equidistant from the top of the frame spider. Cut a 20-gauge wire 6 inches (15 cm) long. Fold the wire in half so that the center forms a small loop. Slide the hoop on the leg of the spider and the wire loop where they cross

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