Making Giant Bean Bag

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Making Giant Bean Bag Plans Ideas

Giant bean bag – If you love to throw you off the TV and you’re bored of the old couch, as weapon your own puff. This time I will show you how to make puff a take-home craft useful, practical and fun. You can do it in any color you want and choose fabrics that you like. It is ideal for decorating the family room or the boys’ room.

So beloved classics and puff are always a solution to the problem of achieving extra seating. When we have guests and chairs are not enough, it is always good to have a puff on hand, as you can easily move it to place it in the place that is most convenient. Next, learn how to make giant bean bag steps.

To make giant bean bag, the first thing you have to do is print and cut molds. Print first figure that will serve to make the “slices” of our puff. Then also prints the octagon that will serve us for this fun seat base. Now you have the molds ready for use, with chalk traces the contour of the mold with octagonal shape on the canvas. Fold the fabric so that the figure is superimposed to the rest of the fabric.

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