Making Bean Bag Sofa Bed

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Bean Bag Sofa Bed Design

Making a bean bag sofa bed. The original pouf has been expanded and redesigned in a sofa bed. This bean bag sofa bed makes them fun in a game room in a dorm room or a child’s room. The bean bag sofa bed is easy to do and only takes a couple of hours to assemble.

Buy your bean bag sofa bed materials. Buy the fabric at any fabric store. Use packing peanuts Styrofoam store-bought supplies packaging as filler for the sofa bed. Another option is the use of soil to polystyrene foam found in recycling centers. Packing peanuts sold cubic meters.

Bean bag sofa bed, cut the fabric into three long strips measured 3 by 8 feet. Sew the fabric strips together to make a cylinder. Make two circles on the canvas measuring 3 meters in diameter. This causes the ends of the couch. Cut a 2-foot square out of the fabric. This cloth is used to cover the filling hole. Place the cylinder ends. Cut a hole in the back of the sofa that is big enough to slide inside the tube. Sew the Velcro around the hole. Sewing the cover piece in one side of the hole. Place a strip of Velcro to the other side of the square.

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