Making A Built In Ironing Board

You are tired of the creation of the board, bringing down and find a place to store it is convenient, but not in the way. Find a small section of wall space unused and built in ironing board. It will be out of the way and when the invisible is not in use, but ready at a time when it is needed. Ask a friend to help you, and put together this handy hiding in an afternoon.

Posted on October 13, 2022 Home Interior

The first step to built in ironing board, remove the metal frame over-the-door board. You only need the council and the assembly of the hinge under the table.

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Measure the board and the hinge assembly, length and width; add 1 inch on all sides. This is the size of the rectangular hole cut. Determine a good height for the board when folded down, to decide how high on the wall to cut the opening. Mark your rectangle on the wall between two poles.

Cut through the drywall in the marked lines. Remove the drywall. Cover the hole with plywood, cut to size and nail in place. Finally, to built in ironing board, cut the seat and place around the edges.