Make White Bookends From Recycled Wood

Make White Bookends From Recycled Wood – If you have shelves somewhat useless in the kitchen at the end of the modules that are hung on the wall. That is useless because they are small and you confused what can put in there? Well, a couple of them you have some of the cookbooks you have, as well as a notebook where you write the culinary tests will doing and notes on prescriptions: if reducing sugar, add some flour, etc.

Posted on November 1, 2022 Bookends

White bookends can help you when often the books slipped and ended up on the floor, not to mention the shock that hit when you heard suddenly when your book is fall!, so you can design a white bookend with motifs that stick together with your kitchen and contacted lady strapping to take them out.

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You can make white bookends from recycled wood raw recuperating from waste from a factory. The grounds are decorated with which you drew it on paper and lady strapping. You just had to hit them one bookend and sanded to give them a couple of coats of paint white to match a little more with your kitchen and they were better protected. Now they avoid the suicide of your books and decorate your kitchen.