Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

investment pays big returns cosmetics. The system starts with a power transformer that converts 110 volts to the desired home called 12 volt low voltage, which is the typical operating power systems landscape lighting. Low voltage cable carries energy from the low voltage transformer landscape lights, which are low voltage, which also operate at 12 volts. A standard type of wire low voltage landscape lighting is commonly used- Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

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low voltage landscape lighting (parallel service thermoplastic). This is a two wire, siamese, insulated wire. Each driver is tightly bound strands of copper wire. By using cable wires rather than a solid copper conductor cable offers greater flexibility. SPT is a robust cable designed to be weatherproof and suitable for direct burial.

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The cable must be rated for direct burial (DBR). Usually low voltage landscape lighting this wire is placed at the bottom of a ditch up 3 inches deep transformer and lamp light fixture. The specifications for the cable that you choose must be rated for direct burial or DBR. DBR cables are not susceptible to damage water migration and offer little or no protection against the weather.