Let’s Examine The Bar Shuffleboard

A standard bar shuffleboard court has painted lines to create a rectangle of 39-foot-long with two triangles facing inward from each end of the playing field. Each triangle is divided into sections for the score. The top is equivalent to 10 points, the area below is worth eight points, and the last section is worth seven points.

Posted on December 15, 2022 Shuffleboard

Below each triangle is a trapezoid marked “10 off.” This means that when the puck drops on that area, it will cost you 10 points. Players to slide the discs toward the triangle from one end of the court. Above the triangle is a “dead line.” You must pass this line to be eligible for the score. In bar shuffleboard, the table is usually about 22 feet long and the scoring zone is normally a triangle to the opposite end of the table from which you shoot the puck. They stand at the bar shuffleboard and shoot the puck, with the goal of getting into different areas enclosed in the scoring zone. The front part or the point of the triangle is normally worth 10 points, the two largest sections of the triangle are worth seven eight points, respectively, with the sections of seven points at the base of the triangle.

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Bar Shuffleboard BaseSize: 990 x 742

Bar Shuffleboard SizeSize: 990 x 742

Bar Shuffleboard StyleSize: 990 x 612

Wood Bar ShuffleboardSize: 990 x 1325