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Convertible standing desk – What happens, however, when we stand too many standing? Abandoning an extreme routine such as sitting more than half the hours that we are awake by another equally extreme, standing most of the time also has contraindications, according to scientific evidence. A specialist in ergonomics at Cornell University explains in another article , this time from Time , the risks of standing: “it makes you more tired and multiplies by nine the risk of carotid atherosclerosis by the additional influx into the circulatory system, in addition to Develop varicose veins more easily, so standing all day is not healthy. ”

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There are, therefore, risks and benefits of working sitting and using convertible standing desk. The solution does not even leave work because it requires us to concentrate for hours before a document or computer screen; Nor to remain impassive to the problems of being seated all day or, failing that, to stand all day standing.

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Many of those adhering to the trend aspire to achieve a balance between moments of work or leisure sitting, and moments of work or leisure standing. So a high percentage of those who adopt convertible standing desk retain their conventional desk and combine the ergonomic advantages of both when there is no overuse.