Keep The Beauty Of Cultured Marble Countertops

The process of gel-coat cultured marble countertops made waterproof, it increases its resistance to stains and chipping, and gives them their shine. You can keep the beauty of cultured marble countertops with polished regularly. Cleanliness, clean your cultured marble countertops before polishing. Clean home everyday dirt and dust with an abrasive liquid, such as glass cleaner and a soft cloth. Clean hard water stains and mineral deposits with a strong, non-abrasive cleaner that is designed to remove mineral deposits. Some of these spots are stubborn and require repeated applications of cleaner. Substances like paint and hairspray that can not be disposed with household cleaning can be removed with paint thinner, nail polish remover or denatured alcohol.

Posted on September 29, 2022 Kitchen Countertops

Polished, you can restore the shine to its cultured marble countertops for wax polish with a nonabrasive conventional car. Always use a clean fresh applicator to apply the wax. Always use a soft, dry buffer to remove wax. You can use liquid wax or paste wax. Application instructions vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some manufacturers recommend cultured marble countertops polish her when installed. Fading restorations luster polished while making regular cleaning easier by increasing the resistance of the counter to scratches and stains.

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