Jungle Ceiling Decorating Ideas

Transform a room in an ordinary room into a tropical jungle ceiling decorating ideas themed retreat is possible with some planning and adequate supplies. False vines may have a role in this process, adding a realistic touch of life with plants to the area. These vines hanging from the ceiling gives the illusion that come from trees from above. Hang the false vine with brackets and fishing line. Install the brackets on the ceiling initial drilling a hole with the drill the appropriate size for the bracket.

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Use a glue-based strong to hold the false vine in place for permanent installation urethane. Apply glue on the top section of the creeper and press it into place jungle ceiling decorating ideas. The urethane glue binds rapidly, but depending on the weight of the vine, you want to put tape over it to hold it in place while the glue dries.

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One jungle ceiling decorating ideas vines false ceiling with tape to temporarily festive decoration with light material. Use clear packing tape placed over the ends of the vines, to secure them in place. Hanging vines false ceiling with nails. Hold it in place and put a nail through the body of the vine. You may need to use several nails, depending on weight.