Installing Drainage Ditch Landscaping Ideas

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Creek  Drainage Ditch Landscaping Ideas

Drainage ditch landscaping ideas – You must install a drainage ditch if your lawn is flooded with rainwater or your neighbor’s gutter stops flowing straight into your yard and form puddles on your lawn. If your neighbor’s house is slightly higher than yours, your lawn will tend to be wet until you redirect the water to the city drainage ditch or a pond, reservoir or river.


Hammer a rod in one end of the hill in the direction where you want your drainage ditch landscaping ideas to go. Hammer another operation at the top of the slope in the same way. Tie a string between the stakes. Make sure you tie the string at the level of the ground on both measures.

Dig a 5-inch full drainage ditch landscaping ideas along the string with a trencher. You can rent a trencher for the week from a home improvement store. You need a 1 percent incline to help drain the water following the natural gravity. Digging the trench 1 inch deeper into the ground every 10 inches along the string.

Line the bottom of the trench with landscape fabric to keep mud from the ditch. If the clay is between gravel, it will form a seal. You want the gravel to allow the water to go through the gravel and into the drain. Place a layer of coarse gravel along the ditch with a shovel. Pull the sides of the lid and wrap the fabric around the landscape gravel thoroughly. Drop shovels of coarse sand over the drainage ditch landscaping ideas and cover the sand with more landscape fabric.

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