Influence Of The Country Prairie Style Decor

Nature was one of the major influences of Wright. He drew much of his inspiration from the prairies open in the central region, thus giving this style of architecture name. Country Prairie Style decor houses were designed to blend with nature rather than detract, which results in a low profile height unprecedented in 1900. In 1914 Wright traveled to Japan. The residences built after the trip offered elements of Asian architecture and the simplicity of the design, which reveals the influence that his trip had on him.

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Country Prairie style decor architecture is labyrinthine, with wings, low ceilings and deep eaves, all elements that influenced the design of the ranch mid-century homes. The windows in a Prairie style house are numerous; the idea is to bring the outside, an element that still exists in contemporary architectural design.

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Country Prairie style decor homes have open floor plans, with a room that flows into the next to form a large living room centered by a large brick or stone fireplace, a style that is common in contemporary home design and one that was the forerunner of what today is called the “great” room. This style of architecture is known for its efficient use of space, limiting corridors where possible.