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Lava rock for landscaping is extremely porous and attractive rocks used for landscaping purposes. Not only do they add color, but if they are used as mulch serves to keep weeds to a minimum. Unlike hardwood mulch that dissolves in time, lava rocks remain part of the landscape year after year. Like other decorative stones, besides being used for mulching, they can be used to create paths in a garden. Or they can serve as a focal point of your plants, whether they are evergreens, shrubs, flowers, or a water purification plant in your landscape.

Posted on December 17, 2022 landscape ideas

Decide how to use lava rocks in your awesome lava rock for landscaping. Will you use them as compost, garden art or a road? Decide what color lava rocks to use in landscape design. They are usually available in red and black and can be purchased in the big box home improvement stores or at the local nursery.

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Making lava rock for landscaping, clear area you will be composting of garbage or weeds. Pour the lava rocks (gravel size) in cleared mulching area and spread them out evenly with a rake. Buy large lava rocks (if you use them as ornamental art). These will be placed strategically and grouped in your landscape to form a focal point or area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest. If you have a pond, you can consider them to be near water to give a Zen like feel to your pond.