Ideas For California Pools And Landscape

California pools and landscape – Ideas for landscaping around and over your earthy swimming pool is only as limited as your imagination and creativity. Explore photo galleries of pool designs including landscapes, wooden decks and docks and native plant gardens to get a feel for what kind of items you want to use to create an attractive, appealing and low maintenance landscape around your pool. Design your landscape carefully to avoid future problems. Create a space that allows you to maximize the enjoyment of your pool.

Posted on November 30, 2022 landscape ideas

Ideas for California pools and landscape. Include evergreen potted plants in areas at least six meters away from the pool to keep dirt from getting into the pool. Hardscapes are easy to keep clean with nothing more than a diet and occasional use of a pressure washer to remove mold or soil stains from the surface. Hardscapes provides a level surface suitable for lounge chairs, tables, umbrellas and other outdoor furniture. Include a barbecue and elegant outdoor lighting to make the pool a place to enjoy all day and night.

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Create a lake feel around your natural swimming pool by including a dock that extends over or across a portion of the pool. Place large river rocks near the pool to improve the wild atmosphere. Plant tall, ornamental grasses a few meters away from the pool to mimic grasses found growing on the edges of many lakes and rivers. Research plants native to your region to find devices that require very little maintenance and do not shed leaves that could end up in your pool. Plants such as dwarf Alberta spruce, macho guy blue star junipers and Colorado blue spruce is easy to maintain additions to your natural California pools and landscape.