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Give vintage appearance cabinets to all those pieces forgotten in the attic or new household items to those who do not fall do with some character. The end result will be your same tables, chairs and other outdated pieces turned into spectacular and fine antiques as those received in inheritance. Ask for help from a few friends and spends the weekend creating treasures shabby chic style.

Posted on November 5, 2022 Kitchen Cabinet, Kitchen Ideas

Wearing your furniture before painting. Use a mallet and a wire brush to work the wood slightly in places where furniture appearance cabinets accumulate signs of wear and tear. Do not overdo this step or run the risk of making your furniture look old and worn out articles rather than an artistic piece shabby chic style.

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Applies the main color appearance cabinets, which can be a varnish type glace white or pastel wood. Move the brush in the direction of the grain. Sand the wood in the worn areas and other points where you want the base color is noticed through the icing glaze. It is possible that in the end want to apply a transparent lacquer to protect the finish, but in the case of furniture appearance cabinet’s style, this is not really necessary.