How To Seal Slate Countertops

Seal the slate countertops and natural stone products enhances the natural beauty of the stone and protects it from the elements of weather, accidental spills, water damage, mud or anything else that could happen that could damage the surface. You will not have to sweat to seal natural stone products, and the knowledge that you are securing your investment can help to make this an enjoyable project.

Posted on November 9, 2022 Kitchen Countertops

Using blue painter’s tape, tape at least 4 inches beyond the edge of the tile on any surface that is close. Wood and other products can stain if the seal makes contact with them. Make sure the surface of the slate countertops are clean of debris. Open windows or doors close, you’ll need plenty of ventilation with fumes. With the spray, apply a coat of sealer even. If the area in question is small enough, you can use a brush instead of a spray.

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Slate countertops, allow to dry according to the instructions of the sealant container. Remove the tape. Note that penetrating sealers maintain the appearance of the stone, while brightness sealants add a glossy finish to the board. All supplies can be purchased in a store of home improvement. Always wear safety goggles, mask and gloves when working with sealant.