How To Recycle Fluorescent Light Fixtures

Removing fluorescent light fixtures in landfills can lead to a small amount of mercury in the environment. Homeowners in many communities can take advantage of state-sponsored or recycling business and have directed their fluorescent bulbs, tubes and lamps efforts. If recycling option is not available in your area, ask a city official how to dispose of the lamps properly.

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Drop your fluorescent light fixtures in a local Home Depot if they are compact fluorescent lamps. Call your local hardware store to see if they accept fluorescent bulbs or lamps for recycling. Many places of Ace Hardware, True Value and smaller hardware stores offer recycling fluorescent either as a convenience to customers or as part of a recycling program utility to run.

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Check with the local power company to find out where to recycle lamps near you if you cannot find a hardware store, Home Depot or other outlet. Several states run their own recycling program and have compact fluorescent light delivery sites in communities throughout the state. Recycle lamps through its state program if this is an option. Contact your city department of public works if your utility company cannot provide information about recycling of fluorescent light fixtures. Make an official license of how you can recycle their lamps, and then do following this advice.