How To Measure For Outdoor Curtain Panels

Picture Of Outdoor Curtain Panels

Whether you choose ready-made outdoor curtain panels, custom order them or create your own, personalize your home curtains with the structure, style and color you prefer. Accurately measure ensures a good fit. Besides having the length and width are suitable for the window, the outdoor curtain panels’ measures affecting curtain decorative statement. Measure the width of the window from the outside of the molding or any other area that frames the window – on one side of the window to the outside of the molding on the other side.

Make a note of the width measurement and measurement Increased 1 1/2 to 3 times to add volume to the curtain panels. For a 60 inch wide window, plan in 7 1/2 to 15 feet in width of the curtain panels, depending on the amount of gathering desired fabric.

Measure from the top of the curtain rod hardware to the top of the window sill, the bottom of the window frame, the floor or halfway between the floor and the bottom of the window frame, depending on the length you want for the outdoor curtain panels. Take note of the measure of length. Subtract at least an inch panels for floor length curtain.