How To Make Home Furniture For Doll

Cardboard is a fun and easy to find materials that can be used for the manufacture of home furniture dolls. Small boxes, such as tea bags, soap and portions of cereal, work very well. For example, a box of tea standing can make a big refrigerator or cupboard for the dollhouse. For more dolls, as Barbies, you may have difficulty finding large enough boxes for furniture. In this case, you can use larger boxes cardboard cut pieces. Make sure that the pieces of cardboard are completely clean and empty, and free of any clips before using them to make the home furniture.

Posted on September 21, 2022 Wall Designs

Directions for make a bed for dollhouse using a cardboard box: 1) Choose a small flat cardboard box that is large enough to fit the doll lying. For more dolls, as Babies, you can use a shoe box lid. 2) Wrap the box with colored paper or a piece of fabric, as if wrapping a gift. 3) Cut a piece of ribbon or satin, lace or eyelet as, over just enough to wrap around the box. 4) Attach the tape to the side of the box using double-sided adhesive. 5) Take a blanket and a pillow for the bed using scraps of fabric, or use colored tissue paper as a blanket and cotton balls for pillows. See some pictures of home furniture for inspiration.

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