How To Make Floating Glass Shelves

Floating shelves can make statement in a room. Glass shelves are simple yet elegant and can be used to perform a number of items, including books, vases, collectibles and other items. Floating shelves are easy to build and assemble; glass shelves need to be placed on supports with grooves in order to keep them stable. Putting up a floating glass shelves it can be completed in an hour.

Posted on November 13, 2022 Home Interior

Instructions to make floating glass shelves: choose carriers that are suitable for glass shelves. Use parentheses that have grips to keep the sliding platform or brackets that have clips or hooks to attach the stable holders.

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Measure the length of your glass shelves. Most shelves are between 2-3 meters long. Each carrier should be placed 3-5 centimeters into the inside of the edge of the support. Ensure that their measures are same. Install the brackets to the wall. Some substrates may require glue, putty or specific setting methods, depending on the chosen support.

Finally, to make floating glass shelves, secure the shelves to the brackets. Place the glass shelves to be held firmly in the grip, hooks or clips of his supporters. Test safety of each shelf, applying gentle pressure to it.