How To Make A Crocheted Flower Knitted Pouf

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How To Make Flower Knitted Pouf

But how beautiful are the flowers! I know that there is still some time for spring, but I think it’s never a bad day to fill the house with flowers.  And these are so pretty! Today we will learn to do what is known as “flower knitted pouf,” or at least that’s how I know! It is a very easy to flower, with 6 curved petals and fluffy. For several months I did not stop to see blankets made with these flowers and I look stunningly beautiful.

These flowers knitted pouf can be made with remnants leftover yarn from other projects you because very little thread is needed to make a flower but if the plan is to make a blanket, then we need a few balls!

In today’s I’ll teach you to make the flower knitted pouf would you like to teach you to join them for a blanket? If so, tell me in the comments and take note. The truth is that as I write this post I are getting an overwhelming desire to make a baby blanket (I still have a good time with the endless blanket) as will investigate how to join them, if you like I share with you.

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