How To Install Wrought Iron Balusters

If you have a staircase with balusters ugly, then you can remove them and install wrought iron balusters forged within a day with a little patience, hard work and the help of an assistant. Be sure to rent the equipment you need ahead of time.

Posted on November 27, 2022 Home Interior

Instructions to install wrought iron balusters: place a cloth on the floor around the stairs and below it to catch debris and dust. Remove the old balusters, cutting them in half and then unscrewing them from the stairs. Drill on current holes in the ladder left by the old balusters with a 5/8 padded drill born in a drill.

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Measure the shaft length you need, measuring from the hole on the ladder to the underside of the top rails. Cut the zones of iron to the correct size using an electric hand saw with a metal cutting blade. Apply epoxy to the hole top rail. Place the shaft on the railing down hole and press down. Then move the top of the stem into the hole top rail. Apply epoxy to the hole bottom rail.

Finally, to install wrought iron balusters, attach the decorative hardware called the shoe to the bottom of the shaft and tighten it with the tool that accompanies the shaft assembly.