How To Hang A Pool Table Lights

Pool table lights – A pool table light should illuminate the entire table so the shooter can see the tracks, pillows and arrows guide points and still have plenty of room to shoot. Lights for pool tables, intended to illuminate only the surface of the pool table and no room around it, must be positioned correctly to accommodate each different table. Hang a light table correctly will ensure nobody play is affected by poor lighting.

Posted on December 10, 2022 Pool Tables

Hang a pool table lights, Use the arrows on the tracks to find the center of the table for the length and width. Use open-ended hooks screwed into the ceiling to anchor the light bar on the roof. Place each string to a hook (or chain if a light single chain is used). Measure the distance from the tabletop to the bottom of the light. You need to have light at least 30 centimeters (40 inches for standard pool) above the table. This will provide the best lighting for play.

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Use a level to make sure the light is level by placing on the ceiling for pool table lights. Count the chain loops on each side. Then place the level on top of the light to make sure the light is level; if not, then your ceiling rings are uneven and need adjustment. This step is most important for the lights with two strings instead of one.