Ping Pong Table Top Design Ideas

Ping Pong Table – Ping pong can be enjoyed by people of all ages and all skill levels. Since ping pong tables are expensive, many people choose to build their own. To understand how to design a table tennis table is the first step to build and enjoy your own table. So, stay in this article, we have some ideas and step by set how to design ping pong table.

Posted on October 25, 2022 Pool Tables

Ping Pong Table Top for Pool Table

It is very possible to design ping pong table for your pool table. Therefore, you can save much money rather than purchasing the new one. Building your own ping pong table will be challenging yet super fun to do.

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First of all, select materials ping pong table top for pool table. There are several popular options you can choose, including painting medium density fiberboard (MDF). This kind of material provides a good, consistent surface. Besides MDF, you also can consider plywood and particle board for more affordable options. Metal and plastic are also available as the alternatives.

Next, it is also essential to think about the measurement. Ping pong table tops must be 9 meters long and 5 meters wide. Determine how your ping pong table will be used and stored. Most materials that can be used to make a table tennis table will in large enough sizes to function as the entire platform, which requires two pieces attached together. Fixing them with a simple piano hinge allows your top to fold.

Choose a base for your ping pong table top for pool table. If you want all your tables to fold and store easily you might want to design a wooden folding base. Draw the design with the help of a calculator to figure out the angles. Countertops should be 30 inches high, so plan your base accordingly. Choose accessories and color options for your table. a network should be selected that attaches easily and maintains its tension.