How To Decorate A Long Narrow Living Room

Long narrow living room can be a decorative challenge. Nobody wants to have a room that looks like a bowling alley, but it is difficult to find other ways to fix a lounge as well. However, you can make a nice decorative scheme if you follow some simple rules. All you have to do to decorate a long narrow living room is divided into sections imagine instead of seeing it as a whole. Place the focal point in a side wall and not on the end walls.

Posted on September 27, 2022 Living Room

Removes all focal points of the end walls and move it to the side. If you focus the spotlight at the end, you only get that long narrow living room. You can install a flat screen TV to refocus attention to a side wall. Divides the room visually long as possible uses using smaller sets of furniture.

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Use rugs to divide sectors. An easy way to visually break coordinated space is placed in different areas carpets. Each defines its own space and break with the aspect of bowling that is in the room. Avoid using guides to pan or round rugs. Note the walkways of the room when deciding how to arrange the furniture.