How To Clean Plastic Kitchen Sink With Drainboard

Plastic kitchen sink with drainboard provide a lasting place to air dry hand washed dishes. Unfortunately, they can also become a haven for the collection of germs and bacteria in stagnant water, especially in the utensil compartment where water drainage is not as effective. It is important to periodically clean the plastic drain plate to prevent the transfer of germs and bacteria to their freshly washed dishes. Before to do that you need kitchen sink cup household gloves plug, 1 bleach, old tooth brush ,safety glasses, and rubber.

Posted on November 8, 2022 Kitchen Ideas

Plug the kitchen sink with drainboard and fill your kitchen sink with hot water. Pour 1 cup of household bleach in a sink full of water. Place the gasket carefully drain the hot lye water, being careful not to splash water on your skin or clothing, or eyes. Dip the draining board completely in hot water bleach. Weigh down the plastic drain board with a small stack of plates drain if the board wants to float to the top. Soak the plastic kitchen sink with drainboard colander for at least one hour, or overnight. Empty the chlorinated water of the pool carefully. Use a toothbrush or sponge to clean stubborn dirt that remains. Rinse thoroughly and dry

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