How About Tiny House Trend In 2017

When you are thinking about house, you can consider to think a tiny house. This will be another innovative choice you can choose for housing system. Many people trying to have housing with different style including by having a tiny house. This type of house is something unique and will be you will love build for life style. Surprisingly, number of people building tiny house increases year by year.

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Tiny House TrendSize: 800 x 533

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So, do you want to have different house from other’s people house? Here are some ideas you need to know.

Number one, tiny house is a very small house with very limited space size. It is no more than 500 square feet. It is very small, so there are only small amount of people which can live there. In some places, i even find a tiny house in less than 200 square feet, it is only 18 feet by 10 feet. However, they still live comfortably in a very limited space.

Number two, the tiny house is a very limited but it can accommodate many rooms in only less than 500 square feet. The tiny house has a kitchen, a bedroom in loft, living room, bathroom, and sometime it also has bar. Yes, tiny house has maximum concept although in a very limited space size.

Number three. You can choose the style of your own tiny house based on your own desire. Just like another type of standard house, tiny house also should be decorated as well as possible with a style and theme yo have chosen. However, you also need to choose a particular material of the house based on the theme including by using wood for traditional house style, metal for modern house style, and you can even combine between the two style in a house.

Number four. There is a television program called tiny house nation. According to wikipedia, “there’s a trend in the u.s. housing market, albeit a very small one. Drawn to the prospect of financial freedom, a simpler lifestyle, and limiting one’s environmental footprint, more buyers are opting to downsize — in some cases, to spaces no larger than 300 square feet — and this series celebrates the “tiny house” movement. Hosts and renovation professionals john Weisbarth and Zack Giffin travel across America to show ingenious small dwellings and their creative inhabitants. They also help families design and construct their own dream minihomes.” It what wikipedia talks about tiny house nation. This program can be really helpful for you finding ideas about tiny house.