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Stand up adjustable desk – A large part of the population have office jobs or other occupations involving very sedentary. As if that were not enough spent even a large part of leisure time sitting in front of TV and computer. As a large portion of the population has occupations involving very sedentary, there has been much focus on trying to change this, where among other things sought to raise the motion at the desk with various exercise band and exercise bikes. Although the results are somewhat different between different studies, it has generally been positive. In a new study had a rather interesting approach which showed that there may be sufficient adjustable desk to have positive effects on many different levels.

Posted on December 30, 2022 Standing Desk

One reason why I chose to write about this study was that it had a pretty interesting set up. Usually in studies on sedentary tend intervention group have stand up adjustable desk or exercise equipment in their current workplace which makes it very clear that there has been a specific change.

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Participants in this study worked at a university, and the intervention group would move to a renovated part of the university, while the control group was left in the same department. The newly renovated section looked basically the same and the kept the same standard as the old one, except that it had been equipped with stand up adjustable desk.