Free Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

Low maintenance landscaping ideas take up a large amount of resources, including water, time and money spent on fertilizer. For a deep green, weed-free, drought-resistant grass (that rarely require mowing), offers clubs an economical, fast and beautiful solution; and it feels soft and comfortable to bare feet. Neglected lawns are ugly; they are also hard work and expensive to fix. Forget your clubs, and you will find a meadow where your lawn once was. Sewing clover is a much easier job if mixed with sand, because the little seeds are difficult to see. Clover has full sun and partial shade. For full shade areas, do moss as a groundcover, especially under trees.

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Trees and shrubs

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Evergreens are perhaps the most common type of low maintenance landscaping ideas with trees and shrubs. These species require little or no pruning and shed their leaves and needles become compost as a future food source for the plant. Buy slow-growing trees and shrubs to reduce you’re trimming efforts. Conifers, viburnums and fuchsias are common species that is virtually low maintenance landscaping ideas and provide color and interest throughout the garden. Avoid planting trees and shrubs too close to each other or to other plants in landscaping, as this will require extra effort to remove the tangled trees and repair the area.