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If you are thinking of dividing the choice of Folding Room Dividers -will be perfect for your search because in it we will tell you the different types of partitions that are depending on the door of these. The following talk of the main features in partitions running, folding and folding. To begin we’ll run in partitions. This kind of openness is the most extended in the bathrooms. We can find it in dishes of all types: square, semicircular. Rectangular, etc.The opening mechanism of this type is as follows

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The following type of folding room dividers The operating mode of these is with the opening of a door on a hinge screwed to the wall. This type of screens require more space than sliding, since its gate is often open to the outside of the plat

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There are alternatives to this folding room dividers and open space is reduced, but we must take them into account in the measurement time. The extra space that is needed is one of its drawbacks. The other is the water that falls to the ground when opening the partition door. Cover the total impermeability of sliding, folding fail a bit. Rather, they are visually stupendous with a more minimal and almost touch