Fireplace TV Stand

You then use the appropriate support for televisor.Prepárate to mount the TV. First, you need to know if has the necessary characteristics to be mountable. The mounting system is usually a rectangular piece of metal with two sliding bars through it. In other cases, it may be a metal base with a rod coming out of it and having a device attached to the end fireplace TV stand –Fireplace TV Stand.

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Fireplace TV stand must have at least a few holes on the back screw indicating that this is a TV that can montar.Selecciona the location of your TV to hang. Ask yourself how high you want to go on TV and how easy it is to connect. The TV must be near an electrical outlet and a comfortable viewing angle (a few centimeters above the height of his head as he is in the position display). The viewing distance should be at least 3 times the width of the screen.

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For example, fireplace TV stand if you have a 42inch (106 cm diagonal length) the viewing distance should be at least 126 inches (318 cm) .Creak network cabling that is able to connect the TV to the mains and input sources (cable, VCR or DVD player).