Far The Soil Fence Pickets

Vinyl Fence Pickets

When installing fence pickets, it is important to make sure the fence panels are off the ground. Wood paneling can begin to show signs of putrefaction if they are in direct contact with soil moisture, and even vinyl fences will be more susceptible to mildew and fading. Then, you must place your fence panels between two and five inches (5.08 to 12.7 cm) above the ground. The distance ensures that you maintain a safe limit for pets or young children while also protecting your near elements.

Although two to five inches (5.08 to 12.7 cm) is the height you should look, there are times when you will want to raise your fence panels slightly higher ground. If you’re very long vegetation growing around your fence pickets line, five inches (12.7 cm) may not be high enough to keep away the severe moisture. In this case, your panel’s rises only close enough to prevent the dense base vegetation.

Most situations call for fence pickets is between two and five inches (5.08 to 12.7 cm) above the ground. However, it is important to pay attention to the environment around the fence line, and if necessary, position the fence a couple of inches taller.