Elegant Butcher Block Countertops

Butcher block countertops can add an elegant touch in your kitchen, also and refined touch to any kitchen. While butcher block design is ideal for food preparation, its porous natural wood tends to absorb juices and liquid food. Immediate and thorough cleaning, especially after cutting raw meat, it is important to maintain life of countertop and health of your family. This article provides general guidelines for care of any surface of butcher block countertops.

Posted on January 2, 2023 Kitchen Designs

• worktop with soap and water. Normal detergent dishes work well. Use a sponge or a clean dish towel. Dry wood with a soft cloth

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• Kill bacteria, often left by raw meat with bleach. Add a tablespoon of bleach to a gallon of warm water.

• Remove stubborn stains butcher block countertops by pouring lemon juice on surface and let it soak for several seconds.

• Keep kitchen countertops with non-toxic treatments oil weekly or when watching fading dryness or wood color? Layer counter with oil, let stand five minutes, then wipe up remainder with a paper towel or cotton towel. Wait 12 hours before using meter.

• Clean varnished butcher block countertops, which usually do not prepare foods with mild soap and water. Dry with a soft towel. Painted countertops not need oil treatments.