Effective And Safe Non Toxic Flea Control

Diatomaceous Earth

Non toxic flea control will exterminate or get rid of flea effectively and safely to health while also complement the green environment at the same time. Flea is a pest and needs to be controlled its population in order not to become a greater problem in the future days. By doing regular home cleaning with vacuum cleaner, you will be able to exterminate flea life cycle since it will significantly curtail its eggs and larvae growth. It is highly recommended to have the vacuum bag disposed carefully by have it double bagged with plastic and then burn it. By using carpet cleaner with steam right after you use vacuum cleaner, it will be significant for deeper cleaning until the carpet’s root which is great to prevent flea infestation. It is also recommended to wash your carpet bedding regularly with soap mixture, water and flea exterminating product since it is need to make sure that the carpet is free from flea.

Tips in Controlling Flea Naturally and Safely

It is safer and wiser to apply natural methods in exterminating or getting rid of flea than to apply any chemical essences since it will be harmful to health and environment at the same time. There are some steps in flea controlling method which are natural and safe to apply. First, you mow the grass in your backyard to keep it short since flea prefer moisture to dry condition, and then have diatomaceous earth spread over the lawn but remember that you have to spread it in safe areas. Diatomaceous earth is made of natural substance of microscopic organisms’ shells which are already fossilized and indeed it is safe to use. Fleas will get dehydrated by the product and then slowly but sure they will dead. You can also plant some natural flea repellents such as mint, lavender, and eucalyptus. If you have dog, then make sure that your dog will not eat eucalyptus since it will be harmful. Applying nematodes is another great repellent to fleas but safe to animal and human. Nematodes will burrow into the life cycle of flea and kill the host, which is going to be a great method in controlling fleas.

You can choose the non toxic flea control which is natural and safe to use, but you have to make sure that you are really using the non toxic products since it will influence the outcome. You also have to know that the term of natural does not mean that it is safe to use.