Eco Friendly Countertops Ideas

Here are  some best eco friendly countertops to choose from. Stainless steel in the kitchen, including granite, stainless steel is very popular. It looks elegant and modern, is durable and easy to clean, but a lot of resources needed to create stainless steel, and therefore not environmentally friendly. Recycled aluminum provides the same sleek and durable look like stainless steel, but is made of recycled materials. The only negative is the main cost, about $ 100 per square foot. However, if you do not need a custom installation and can use a prefabricated aluminum piece can cost much less expensive.

Posted on November 19, 2022 Kitchen Countertops

Concrete eco friendly countertops, he has appeared on television and DIY can become a beautiful countertop for your kitchen. You can stain concrete or you can e designed to resemble granite or other stone. Concrete is durable and easily sealed and pricing can range from $ 65 to $ 135 per square foot. Recycled ceramic materials eco friendly countertops, such as light bulbs, porcelain or bottles can be made in ceramic tile. Pottery is very profitable, starting around $ 10 per square foot. It’s a great option for a DIY homeowner as it’s easy to install . It’s Also durable When the grout is sealed and it comes in a large variety of colors .

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